Sunday, March 22, 2015

November Blessings

 November was a month of blessings and fun times. We had fun helping these cute hermanas stay legal. I have sure hated to see them go at the end of their mission.
 This is a cute chair that I saw in Sodimac. A great way to reupholster a chair and use up your old fabric scraps.
 Another road trip.

Elder L loved getting out into the farmland and looking at the green fields and the white fluffy clouds.
 Seeing the full irrigation ditches made him a little homesick.
 The sprinklers in front and the volcano in back. It just doesn't get any better.

 A typical sight on the country roads.
 Another road trip to Tumbes and then onto Lenga.
 This picture is out of place it should have been before the boats.
 We went with Kenningtons and had a good time.
 The saint of the sea.

 The elders were thrilled to find a tractor.
 This the restaurant that we decided to eat at and the food was yummy.
 Elder L enjoying his lunch.
 Our view from the restaurant window.
 Taking a rest along the boardwalk at Lenga beach.
 Our good friend Gladys and her husband with part of the family.
 The Wynn's and us in Glady's yard.
 A windy day in Talchuano.
 A road trip with the Wynn's out to Yungay. A stop at the Salta de Tata

 We stopped for a picnic at the falls.
 Standing at the top of the falls looking down through a hole to the bottom.

Elder L and I standing on top of the falls.
 Happy Yungay elders to get a new washing machine.
 A Chilean beekeeper.
 Later on in the month we took a rode trip with the couples to Salta de Laja and the Sheep Festival in Yumbel.

We saw all sorts of  mutton on the grill.
There was live entertainment.
 We settled on lambchops and salad.
 A sad goodbye to a great missionary and friend. She had her mom send me down a box of swiss cake rolls and yes there is a story behind it.

 A great group of missionaries! It was hard to see some of them go.
 Elder Herrera, one of the office missionaries and a Utah/Chilean.
 Another couple trip to the zoo.

 Taking a rest and solving the problems of the world.
 Hermana Kennington is really getting into nature.

After the zoo a quick stop at the market. I have more pictures for November, I just can't find them. They will be posted when they are found. We had a wonderful Thanksgiving dinner at the President's house.

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